Bags specifically designed for children's literacy, music, art and gym programs.
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Art Specifications for Custom Designs
Logos are best sent as hard copy (courier or mail) or by email.

If you are emailing, Corel Draw 10 and under, or Adobe Illustrator 9 and under are preferred programmes.

We prefer not to print bags from faxed images or from images or logos that appear in websites. In order to print a clear, crisp logo we require either an email file or original hard copy.

If you don't have a school logo

If you only have a rough copy of a logo it's no problem. We'll gladly help you out with some typesetting and layout often at no extra charge.

If there is more extensive artwork that you require we're pleased to provide graphic art support at an hourly rate of $60. You can also check out our "in stock" designs - there may be an easy, low cost solution that works well for your school.