Bags specifically designed for children's literacy, music, art and gym programs.
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In the United Kingdom there is a focus on literacy in all primary schools. Most schools use special nylon book bags for their reading and library programs and children are encouraged to bring books home daily.

When we saw the Mapac book bags, designed specifically for children's reading programmes, we were excited about bringing them into Canada! We have been importing Mapac bags since 1999 and have now added new products to make book bag shopping easier for teachers and parents.

Initially we sent out flyers and postcards, but these become very expensive and make it difficult to keep costs of bags down. In the past two years we have relied on teachers and parents who have shared information about our products and referred their colleagues to us. We thank all of you for your support and hope that this website makes it easier to find out about our bags.

And while we're thanking - thanks to for helping us design this website.